We offer a modern and efficient bus transport option for parents who wish to pay for this service, to ensure their children arrive safely to and from school each day.

Parents who wish their children to use the school bus transport service must complete the required registration form provided by the school. This should be returned to the school along with payment. Parents will pay for the transport service direct to the school at a cost of AED 6450 one way/AED 9000 per academic year. A range of payment options are available.

Following confirmation of registration, parents will be issued with a unique ‘Guardian Card’ and be informed of confirmed pick up and drop off times. Parents will also be provided with information for downloading a transport app. Using this app, parents will be able to track their child’s bus, know when their child has got on and off the bus, receive updates on punctuality and be informed of any changes to the schedule.

If there is more than one pickup in the same area, a communal pick up point will be arranged, no further than 100 metres from the child’s residence.

All buses are equipped with CCTV, state of the art monitored tracking systems, three point seat belts and car (booster) seats for children up to 4 years of age. Fully trained bus assistants will accompany all children using the service.

All children must adhere to the ‘Bus Behaviour Code’ which is provided to parents when using the service. Parent support in ensuring children are aware of this code is appreciated.

Buses will deliver children to school by 8.00am each morning. Buses will leave from school at 2.00pm for Foundation Stage pupils and at 4.00pm for Years 1 and older pupils. Foundation Stage pupils whose parents have paid for them to be in the after school care programme will be able to use the 4.00pm bus.

To book this service, please download and complete the three forms below, then scan and email to: [email protected]

Refund Policy

Once you book a return or single journey, you are committed to the full cost by term. Therefore, if you withdraw from the transport, or alter a return journey to a single journey, due to a change of circumstances, you will be charged full for the current term.