Our new and unique Enrichment Learning Programme (ELP), complements the core curriculum to provide extended opportunities for learners, and is available for all Year 1 to 6 pupils, at no extra costs to parents.

"We hold a strong belief that children at a young age
learn best through play, challenge and exploration.
We will nurture each child’s love of learning and help
them become independent learners for their future."

Emma Gorman

Founding Teacher


We will bring education to life by exclusively using Apple technology for all teaching, learning and administrative tools; that puts us on track to become an Exclusively "Apple" School.

"We strive to provide our pupils fun and engaging
lessons on a daily basis."

Christopher Lee

Founding Teacher


We acknowledge that children learn best through first hand experience in relation to themselves, their senses and the world around them. For this reason, we have designed the Early Years Explorers (EYE) programme, an approach based on the concept that powerful learning is built upon harnessing children’s natural curiosity in ways that help them to develop new skills and understanding in context with their environment.

"We aim to create an environment where children
aspire to learn."

Lucy Horn

Founding Teacher


We are striving to achieve LEED certification, an internationally-recognised marque of quality and achievement in green buildings. We are committing ourselves not only to positive climate change but to the wellbeing of our children, staff and wider community.

"We are experts in supporting children who find
learning challenging."

Thomas Gayler

Founding Teacher


The Abdulla Al Shirawi and Mohan Valrani Scholarship Fund will grant all founding students entering the 2016-17 academic year a 30% subsidy on tuition fees, for their entire tenure at the school. That means parents will be saving more than AED 160,000 - an amount worthy of a savings account.

Graham Beale

Founding Principal

Letter from the Principal

The Arcadia Preparatory School is a warm, vibrant and dynamic new primary school set in the heart of the Jumeirah Village Triangle community.

Every morning I have the pleasure and privilege of welcoming parents and pupils to another day of excitement and learning. From the moment a child enters our beautiful new school, he or she is surrounded with warmth and positivity. Our highly skilled teachers design and deliver learning programmes that motivate, excite and challenge children. Our motto, ‘nurture lifelong learning’ encapsulates our belief, that by delivering a rich and varied curriculum and by ensuring lessons are meaningful and targeted, each child in our care will develop a lasting desire to continually learn, grow and develop.

As a young and forward-looking new school, we have seized the opportunity that new technologies provide. Teachers and pupils utilise leading edge Apple technology on a daily basis to create, communicate and collaborate. Parents are empowered to share in their child’s learning experiences through our app-based mobile technology, and our ultra-modern primary school campus provides an enabling environment for all.

Entrepreneur in Residence

Arcadia Teacher Residence

News Updates

Enrichment Learning Programme

The new and unique programme includes at no extra cost:

Music & Art


Physical Education

Homework Support

What makes Arcadia one of the best British schools in Dubai for your child?

The Arcadia Preparatory School ethos is based firmly on the belief that through harnessing a child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn and by providing stimulating learning delivered by highly motivated teachers, each child will be empowered to reach his or her full potential.

Our purpose-designed primary school has been built with the needs of primary school aged children at its core. With the most up to date learning resources to support the new National Curriculum for England and the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, pupils benefit from a truly modern approach to primary school education within a supportive and nurturing environment. Our comprehensive learning programme is designed to immerse pupils in a nurturing ecosystem where they can develop understanding across a diverse range of areas.

A holistic preparatory learning curriculum from a premier British school in Dubai today

In our pursuit to be recognised as one of the best British schools in Dubai today, we have designed a curriculum based on three foundational learning programmes: The National Curriculum for England, the Early Years Foundation Stage, and the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 programmes of the National Curriculum.

As a truly authentic British school in Dubai, we will cultivate the learning of pupils in the aspects of English, mathematics, science, arts, computing, design and technology, geography, history, music and physical education. By immersing them in a well-balanced educational programme, our new British international school is able to hone their abilities to be competitive in the academe and the real world.

In order to advance their communication skills, our British curriculum will grow their understanding of unfamiliar printed words, allowing them to create and connect sounds to their corresponding printed counterparts and vice versa. Our British international school will also hone their knowledge and ability to structure words and phrases grammatically.

In addition, we have integrated the study of the Arabic language and the history and culture of the UAE to better prepare our pupils to be competitive in the regional and world market. As one of the top primary schools in the country today, we will enhance the academic and social intelligence of our pupils for balanced, holistic, well-rounded growth.

We are among the best equipped primary schools in the nation and the world

Our highly qualified teachers have been recruited from a list of top British and international primary schools, and bring the best qualities of a top British school into our holistic learning environment. This comprehensive approach makes us the top choice amongst primary schools in Dubai.

Our extended primary school day delivers a unique Enrichment Learning Programme, providing exciting learning opportunities, extracurricular activities and homework support to create the best, most balanced educational environment for our pupils.

We will provide an immersive private school experience for our pupils.