Users Overview Specifications
FS and KS1 Class sets of iPads are available as a school-based resource and are available
for teachers to incorporate as and when required within the teaching
and learning programme. These iPads are managed centrally through a
MDM (Mobile Device Management) system. iPads will remain at school.
Class sets of iPad 64 Gb
Stored in charging trolleys
KS2 One to one iPad programme for all students. The school will purchase
the iPads and then sell on to parents. The device is managed
through the MDM system and students are able to take the device
to and from home and school. Parents will retain ownership of the
device if the child leaves Arcadia and at that point the device is
disconnected form the MDM system.
Charging trolleys are
available in school
Academic All teachers are provided with a MacBook and an iPad as professional tools. Macbook Pro iPad Air 64 Gb
Administration Apple laptops and iPads are provided for administrative staff as
professional tools for productivity
Macbook Pro iPad 64 Gb Educational
Software used throughout school

Students complete assignments using Showbie’s annotation tools, or get creative with one of thousands of amazing iPad apps that are compatible. Work is automatically saved and organised in one convenient location, ready to be reviewed.

class dojo

Teachers use ClassDojo as a communication platform to encourage students to achieve high levels of engagement and behaviour for learning. This programme enhances our ethos, which is based on classrooms being positive places where positive choices are valued and celebrated.


Seesaw provides a digital portfolio that empowers teachers and students to independently document what they are learning at school. When teachers add to a student's Seesaw journal, content is uploaded, organised, and immediately accessible to teachers from any device. Parents are able to access the learning feed from their own mobile devices and can share, comment and feed back in real-time. This is a powerful means of communication in our school and allows a collaborative approach to teaching and learning within our school community.

class room monior

Classroom Monitor is an app and website that allows our teachers to capture learning as it happens. Linked directly to the learning objectives within our school curriculum, the assessment is recorded and tracked directly in the system. Classroom Monitor provides formative information to allow teacher’s plan for next steps in learning. Summative data is then used at key points in the year to produce online school reports, which are then provided to parents. Whole school assessment data and trends are tracked and reviewed by teachers and managers within Classroom Monitor, which allows a clear focus on continual improvement and strong educational outcomes.