Committed to Academic Excellence


Arcadia School is at the forefront of international education with a unique learning programme which fosters an inclusive culture, allowing every student to reach and exceed their full potential. Our creative learning environments develop collaborative and innovative approaches to learning with a blend of digital and real-life applications, building future-ready students who are ethical, aspirational and internationally minded. In our seventh year of operations, we host over 900 students from a diverse array of cultural backgrounds, but always focusing on our British heritage and Emirati culture. We currently operate from EYFS to Year 10 and will open our Sixth Form in 2024.

Our developmental mindset ensures we focus heavily on professional learning for teachers with a strong coaching philosophy for growth and progression. We place wellbeing, happiness and an inclusive focus at the heart of all we do, ensuring the vision of nurturing life-long learning is brought to life for all. With an emphasis on academic success, sport and performing arts, innovation, technology and entrepreneurialism we strive to inspire every child and ensure that success can be found through a myriad of channels.

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