What one of the best British curriculum schools in Dubai can do for your child

The Arcadia Preparatory School believes in providing a holistic and balanced learning environment to enable our pupils to experience well-rounded growth and development. In line with our vision to be one of the best British curriculum schools in Dubai, we implement core programmes that are all specifically designed to provide pupils with a solid learning foundation as they explore their full talents and abilities.

We have adapted the best British curriculum programmes for our pupils in Dubai

Our academic curriculum is founded on three key learning programmes: The National Curriculum for England, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYSF), and the Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2) curriculum. These all aim to foster a learning environment where pupils can hone their intellectual, emotional, and social faculties for a well-balanced intrapersonal and interpersonal growth.

From core subjects like English, mathematics, and science to arts, music, and physical development, our pupils are exposed to diverse learning subjects and methods, allowing them to reach their full potential and explore all possibilities. These programmes employ teaching methods that are best suited for young and curious minds.

We continuously improve to keep our top position in the list of British schools in Dubai

Our fundamental curriculum is supplemented by our Enrichment Learning Programme and Early Years Explorers programme. The Enrichment Learning Programme includes extracurricular activities that give pupils a distinctive learning experience and involve their family in their progress. The Early Years Explorers scheme, on the other hand, is specially structured for the youngest pupils at our British school in Dubai. Leveraging the best practices of EYFS, it delivers a multi-sensory and interactive environment and employs a hands-on method to facilitate learning by harnessing the natural curiosity of children.

Arcadia is constantly looking for ways to improve the learning experience of our pupils and provide them the best possible education using advanced and proven methods. As such, one of our objectives is to become an Exclusively “Apple” School where pupils and teachers will each have Apple gadgets for a stimulating and innovative learning experience.

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Leading the list of British schools in the country, Arcadia promotes close cooperation between our teachers and staff and the parents and guardians of our pupils. We believe working hand in hand is essential to cultivating and nurturing the potential of the younger generation.

For more information about our British curriculum and other academic programmes, you may contact us via phone or email.