Arcadia mobilises Health and Safety officers to protect its community

Arcadia mobilises Health and Safety officers to protect its community

Dubai, 29th July 2020 - Arcadia School announced today that it had finalized a dedicated health and safety team to assess, implement and monitor protocols when schools open on 30th August. The team consisting of 3 experienced professionals will ensure that the 118 protocols issued by the KHDA will be adhered to and that Arcadia students and staff will remain safe at all times when on the primary and secondary campus.

The school, which recently completed its impressive secondary school campus, has already invested considerable amounts of money to keep their students safe as they emphasize their community’s well being as the school’s top priority. The Health and Safety team will oversee the facilities staff at the school to ensure that the school’s stringent disinfection programme is adhered to and will report directly into the Executive Principal.

Giles Pruett, Executive Principal at Arcadia Schools, commented, "This is a significant and important step for the school as we navigate our way through the complex process of reopening. Health and Safety performance is a key driver of school success, and now, more than ever it should be at the centre of all decision making. We of course want our children to be happy and to really appreciate their learning, but this can only be achieved within a safe environment."