The Abdulla Al Shirawi and Mohan Valrani Scholarship Fund

All founding students entering the academic year 2016-17, will be automatically eligible for the scholarship and will be subsidised 30% of their tuition fee for their entire tenure at the school. This includes deposits paid in 2016-17 academic year for future enrollment years.

Tuition Fees

  Grade KHDA Approved Fees (AED) Fees for Academic Year 2016-17*
  FS1 60,000 42,000
  FS2 60,000 42,000
  Year 1 69,000 48,300
  Year 2 69,000 48,300
  Year 3 69,000 48,300
  Year 4 69,000 48,300
  Year 5 69,000 48,300
  Year 6 69,000 48,300
*Fees net of 30% scholarship for student joining in the academic year 2016-17 and for their entire tenure at the school

All Inclusive Fees

Our yearly school fees include:

Extra Curricular Activities

Equivalent to

AED 7000

4 sets of uniform

Equivalent to

AED 2000

Text Books

Equivalent to

AED 1500

Sibling Discount

The Arcadia Preparatory School fee structure includes a significant sibling discount:

1st sibling = 5% discount
2nd and subsequent siblings  = 10% discount

Payment Options

Payment of fees is required in three termly instalments. However, The Arcadia Preparatory School is also able to offer parents the option to pay school fees in ten equal monthly instalments (September to June), if this is preferable.

For the monthly payment option, the school requires post-dated cheques to be provided (further information available from the finance office).

New Admissions

A non-refundable, non-transferable Application fee of AED500 is required.
A non-refundable, non-transferable Registration Payment of AED 5,000 is required to secure a place (deductible from the first term’s fees)

Existing Pupils

AED 2500 of the school’s tuition fees are charged as a re-registration deposit to confirm the return of existing students in the new academic year. This deposit will be deducted from the total tuition fees for the academic year in which the admission is being sought.


In the cases of both existing and new students, deposits and fees will not be refunded if students choose not to return to school for the next academic year or choose not to take the offered places. However, a school may choose to refund the deposit under special circumstances. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, evidence of family travel to another country, a move to another Emirate or any unforeseen circumstances. Such cases may be submitted to KHDA for study.