Early Years Explorers

At The Arcadia Preparatory School we acknowledge that children learn best through first hand experience in relation to themselves, their senses and the world around them. For this reason, we have designed the Early Years Explorers (EYE) programme. This approach is based on the concept that powerful learning is built upon harnessing children’s natural curiosity in ways that help them to develop new skills and understanding in context with their environment.

This ensures children have access to the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum through exploratory learning. Our fundamental ethos is to spark imagination and provide a multi sensory approach to teaching and learning.

The programme provides a firm foundation for transition to the National Curriculum for England, which children move to in Year 1.


Multi-Sensory Learning
Children will use a range of senses enabling them to make important connections and links within their learning.


Stimulating Environment
Our purpose-designed Early Years environment sparks imagination and stimulates interactive learning.


High Expectations
The programme promotes the essential skills of reading, writing, speaking and number knowledge. Children become effective communicators and develop a love of learning.


Social Growth
Carefully planned strategies, ensure that our pupils are socially confident learners. Children will develop skills of interacting with both small and large groups as well as with other children and adults.


Teaching and Learning
We believe that every child is unique, that they each progress at different rates and that each deserves a bespoke learning path. Teachers track and monitor every child to create a unique, fun and individualised learning journey. Our teachers are highly trained and expert at responding to children’s learning needs, ensuring progress and accurately planning for next steps in learning.

We recognise and celebrate the crucial link with parents, home and community and work collaboratively, through regular communication to support learning.


To support Early Years learning within the curriculum, our safe and secure environment is designed specifically to enable multi-sensory learning. Mark-making and writing is encouraged throughout and the environment is text-rich with an abundance of written material, displays and books. A range of physical opportunities are optimized within the Foundation Stage environment and a seamless integration between indoor and outdoor spaces provide exciting and motivating learning provision throughout the school day.